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Director: Ashley (Ash)

Co-Director: Haley

"I am passionate about childcare, and early childhood education. I believe strongly in the need for quality care, especially in the most crucial stages of a child’s development. I strive to support and advocate for, families, children, and educators. I strongly believe in incorporating a homey, fun, and safe feel in a centered atmosphere, and I love getting to know the families of our enrolled children, because family partnerships are so valuable to children’s growth and development!

I am a proud mom to 2 boys (Noah and Elliot) and 1 girl (Scarlett), and have been married to my husband, Grant, since 2007. I have 3 dogs, and I just love spending time with my family. We love going hiking, camping, and having family movie or game nights. I'm also a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan, SKOL!

There are THREE Ashley H's around here, so I go by Ash ;)”

 "I have always loved working with children, and I have been working in the ECE field since 1999. I started working at this center in 2005. I worked as the lead teacher in the Clever Coyotes classroom from 2006 until 2020, when I became director qualified and joined Ashley as the co-director. I have taken professional courses on various child development topics, managing teams, supporting families, and family engagement- and I plan to take many more!

As I immerse myself more and more in the administrative side of child care, I am finding that I become more conscious of the needs of children, and their families, and want to continue to ensure that our program runs with these needs in mind!

I believe that children need love and challenges, and consistency as well. I love to interact with children and their families. Stepping Stones is my home, as I essentially grew up here, and I am committed to supporting the staff, program, and families!"

Infant Nursery Supervisor: Chris

Hedgehogs Lead Teacher (12-18 months): Jamie

 "Hi my name is Chris. I am the infant room supervisor. I have been married for 19 years and have 2 beautiful daughters. My oldest Savanna is 18 and a freshman in college.  I have a sophomore in high school, Mckenzi, who is 15.  I have been working with children for over 25 years now.  I love what I do and enjoy working with the infants watching them grow.  I am a huge dog lover.  I have a blue heeler mix named patches, and an Italian mastiff named Bleu Jean."

"Hello, my name is Jamie Cliburn, and I am native of Lakewood, Co. I graduated from Alameda Senior High School. I have been happily married to my husband Shawn for 9 years, and I have 2 beautiful children: Zack who is 8, and Cheyenne who is 3. 

I have close to 20 years of experience in the child care industry, with all ages from infant to school age. My favorite age to work with is infants and toddlers since they go through so many stages in such a short period of time

In my spare time I enjoy being with my family. We enjoy going camping, car shows etc. I look forward to meeting you."

Silly Squirrels Lead Teacher (24-30 months): Monique

Silly Squirrels Co-Teacher: Julia

"My name is Monique, and I am the lead teacher in the Silly Squirrels room. I have been working in child care for about 6 years, mostly with the younger toddlers but I'm excited to be working with the kiddos this age and helping them turn into little humans! We have so much fun, as we see the little ones start out as infants, and master the skills of  toddler-hood!

I don't have any little ones myself but I have 2 little pups that I think of like my children. I love to read, go on hikes with my boyfriend, and play video games. I also love to travel and would like to learn more about different cultures and lifestyles around this beautiful planet!"

"Hi, I'm Julia! I grew up in Glenwood Springs before making my way down to the Denver metro area. I started here, at SSLC, as an aide with no formal experience working with children. Since then, I was promoted to a classroom assistant, after completing various classes in early childhood development. I love working with all ages, but absolutely love working with toddlers. They can give the best hugs, and the greatest laughs!

I am currently enrolled in classes that will help my reach my goal of becoming lead qualified, as I plan to work in this field for a long time to come!"

Bunnies Lead Teacher/ (18-24 months): Dawn

Assistant Director/Bunnies Co-Teacher: Brandi

"My name is Dawn, and I am the lead teacher in the Brilliant Bunnies classroom. I have worked in early childhood education for over 30 years, and have experience with all ages! Despite working with children younger and older than toddlers, I always end up back with this age group because I love to see how excited they get when they learn something new!

I have lived in Colorado all of my life, but love to visit other regions, and would like to eventually spend more time traveling. I am a proud aunt to 2 nephews, and 3 nieces, and enjoy being very close to them (one of my nieces is the assistant director here, and my co-teacher!)! For fun, I love spending time with my family, taking family vacations, watching movies, reading good mysteries, and playing ball with my dog!"

"Hi my name is Brandi, and I am the assistant director and Bunnies co-teacher. I have been in child care for more than six years. I started working in child care because my aunt Dawn has been in ECE since before I was born, and she works here at Stepping Stones Learning Center. I love supporting and training  teachers, interacting with the children, and watching the children grow and be independent. 

I grew up here in Littleton, and graduated from Columbine High School. In my free time, I love to read, listen to music, and be around family and friends. In the summer time I enjoy going camping, fishing, and swimming. I have one dog, Dakota, five years old. She's beagle mixed with a dachshund."

Wise Owls Co-Teacher/3.5-4 years: Ashley

"My name is Ashley, yes another one.... ;) I'm the Wise Owls co- 

teacher. I have been  in child care for years, as it provides me a fun way to keep my children close to me while I work.  I have two daughters: Lacey, school age and Presleigh, pre-school. I have worked with multiple age groups throughout my ECE career, and think they all have such fun personalities and are eager to learn. 

I enjoy spending time with family & friends. I've lived in Colorado my whole life! I like going to the mountains, fishing, and going to the beach! I love baseball, hockey and football! Go Cowboys! I'm a firm believer that the child's education starts at a young age and I enjoy watching each kid explore in their own ways!"

Proud Pandas Teacher/2.5-3.5 years old: Ashley (Honey)

Proud Pandas Co-Teacher: Nicole

"My name is Ashley Honeysette and I love, love, love teaching! I'm thankful to be one of the lucky ones who found their calling in life. A little about me- I'm married to my astonishingly marvelous husband Nick, and together we have the most amazing son, Greycen. I am passionate about reading and collecting books. I also love gaming, so I guess I'm a nerd at heart. I'm also earning more credentials to further my education to be the best teacher every young mind deserves.

Also, I am the 3rd Ashley, so I go by the nickname "Honey" (It's part of my last name!)" 

"Hi my name is Nicole! I am mom to 3 wonderful children: my son Dominick, and twin girls Clary, and Zoey. I have worked in child care, on and off, for 13 years. I also worked at an elementary school as a Para in a kindergarten classroom and the library. I have a degree in Healthcare manager with a minor in psychology, and have obtained my group lead qualification through Colorado Shines. 

In my free time I love reading, and spending time with my family. I really enjoy working with children, and watching them grow and learn."

Wise Owls Co-Teacher/3.5-4 years old: Kaylee

Preschool Float: Lilly

"Welcome to the owl's classroom, where all children are able to express themselves in as many ways as possible! SSLC is my family, and I love it here!

When it comes to teaching young children, I believe that they all learn in their own special ways. Some of the ways they learn are by seeing things, hearing things, or actively doing things. For example, all of my life in school I was on an IEP and I learned best by doing things hands-on, and by doing so I was able to express my feelings, thoughts, and emotions. With that said, I feel all children have their own learning styles. I want to help them express that style because it will enable them to learn and absorb information. 

I graduated from Bear Creek High School in 2019. I played on the varsity softball team, and altogether I played about 13 years of softball. I love to cook. My favorite chef is Gordon Ramsey, and my favorite thing to make is homemade mac and cheese. My favorite movies are West Side Story, The Outsiders, and Grease."

"Hi! My name is Lilly. I just recently graduated high school, and I love working with kids. I have a brother with a rare disability called schizencephaly,  only 1 in every 65,000 births have this disability which makes him awesome. I have always grown up helping out and making sure his life is as good as any other kid to the best of his abilities. I am currently starting  school to become a social worker, so my life is hopefully always going to be around kids. I hope to meet everyone soon!" 

Raccoons Co-Teacher/Floating Lead: Katrina

"Hello, my name is Katrina,  the kids all call me Miss Kat. My position here at SSLC is Lead float. I am able to be in each room, helping out and getting to know all the kiddos which is pretty amazing. Throughout my life I have dedicated a lot of my time taking care of children, and I must say I enjoy every aspect of teaching, and have realized that the kids can teach us just as much as we teach them. I have been working at Stepping Stones since early 2018, and I am very happy to be a part of this center's family. We have a great staff that all have the same goal for the children, making their learning environment a happy place to explore and learn. 

When I am not teaching here at SSLC, I am a proud mom to 3 kids, and have a wonderful husband. I also have 2 dogs, and 2 guinea pigs! We have a lot of fun at my house!"

Kindy Kangaroos- (Kindergarten): Tiphani

"Hello, I'm Ms. Tiphani ! I am the kindergarten teacher, and also the mentor teacher, at Stepping Stones. My mom worked in child care my whole life, and I have been working in ECE centers since high school. When I started here, at Stepping Stones, I was an aide, and have worked my way up through assistant, lead, and now kindergarten teacher! I love training staff members, and working closely with community resources to help keep our SSLC family taken care of!

When I am not at SSLC, I enjoy spending time with my daughter . My husband and I like taking her to explore new things, go to the mountains, and we always enjoy snuggle time. I can't wait to get to know you and your child. "

Mighty Moose- (School Age and Remote Learners): Debbie 

 "Hello my name is Debbie Purcell. I have over 36 years experience working with kids of all ages, I love playing with all kids but I do like school age kids the best, as I feel I can help them learn, and keep them excited about things. I also get to learn from them as well. I moved here in 1976 from New Jersey as my father was in the military, I am the youngest of 6 kids and I am a twin. I love working with children and seeing how much knowledge they soak in and helping them get ready for the world ahead!"

Classroom Aides: Pictures coming soon!

Infant/Toddler Aides: Sydney, Oceana

Preschool/School Age Aides: Sam, Savanna, Ryley